HK „Sandzaktrans putnički saobraćaj" doo was formed in July 1945 with the company name "Transport" and the aim of the company was to transport goods and passengers by means of road transportation. In 1954 the company experienced its first improvement with the purchase of eight new buses.

In 1964 "Transport" was merged with “Autoprevoz Cacak“ from Čačak. Since 1966 the company has started a fleet expansion as well as the recruitment of new workers.

In 1968 the company started their first serious investment - construction of the Bus Station in Novi Pazar which was concluded in 1970. That was the year the company took over the complete transportation market in the territory of Tutin municipality. 

In 1974 they took over the obligation to perform passenger transportation in the municipality of Rozaje in Montenegro. The company was separated from Autoprevoz Cacak in 1975  and it got the name „Sandžaktrans“.

In 1977 it  was given the status of a "working unit" and in 1978 an "organisation" which was involved in catering and trade next to passenger transportation and freight transportation. In 1978 hard working people of "Sandzaktrans" laid the keystone of Autobaza - a modern maintenance center. Its construction was finished in 1982. During the 80's  auto company "Šumadija" was merged with "Sandzaktrans" and "Auto-remont service" and a separate organization was formed from this merger.

In 1995 the company was transformed in HK "Sandžaktrans" with dependent members: HK „Sandžaktrans – Putnički saobraćaj, HK "Sandžaktrans – Robni saobraćaj", HK "Sandžaktrans – Trgopromet", HK "Sandžaktrans – Auto-remont servis" and HK "Sandžaktrans – Ugostiteljstvo 15. Maj". This entire development of "Sandžaktrans" was carried out by the drivers considering they were the ones who brought more and more passengers thanks to their dedicated and professional service, so that "Sandzaktrans" became the most important company for the transportation of  passengers in the Sandzak region.

HK "Sandzaktrans" is now a joint stock company and until the privatization process it was working as a social company with social capital.The privatization process was concluded on 31st November 2007 so that the majority owner of  „Sandzaktrans“ Novi Pazar is "KAVIM PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION INTERNATIONAL Ltd" from Israel. General manager of HK „Sandzaktrans putnički saobraćaj" doo is Ukic Hamdo, a graduate mechanical engineer.